Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks Tunbridge Wells

Our experienced service technicians install and service septic tanks throughout Kent, including Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, Maidstone, Ramsgate and Ashford.  .

Septic tanks and sewage treatment plants filter waste water from your home before discharging it into the surrounding environment. These are different from cesspools or cesspits which do not release any material.

In order to ensure that your septic tank or sewage treatment plant complies with current regulations there are a number of criteria you must meet. We help home owners, landlords and property management agencies to fulfil their obligations regarding septic tanks through a range of services:

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Fitting of septic tank add-on conversion units

Repairs to Poorly Built Septic Tanks

Regulations on septic tanks are relatively recent though, meaning many were built or installed using haphazard methods.

We’ll fix badly built or poorly installed septic tanks in Tunbridge Wells and across Kent, correcting mistakes made by inexperienced builders or handymen. If you’re having problems with your septic tank or you just suspect it wasn’t installed correctly we’ll come out free of charge to have a look.

Where your septic tank is failing to properly filter the waste we can fit a conversion unit to turn it into a properly functioning sewage treatment plant. These add-on conversion units are designed to be fitted to an existing septic tank.