Home Buyers Drain CCTV Survey


Drain surveys should never be considered an additional expense, it is now considered to be one of the most valuable parts of the surveying process and is not to be over looked. Defective drainage systems are responsible for major structural defects in buildings, subsidence and can be avoided if located and corrected in time.

 So what should you expect from a CCTV Drainage Survey ?

In most cases the drain will require high pressure jetting to clean the drain prior to surveying, this ensures that the footage, photographs and report will be of the highest quality. A typical home buyers CCTV drain survey on a standard 3 bedroom home will take about three hours, the first hour to clean the drainage system and the remaining two hours to carryout the survey. When booking a survey always be sure that you have been quoted for jetting as well as surveying.

There is no good reason not to have a drainage survey carried out – drain surveys remain valid for 5 years and should be kept as historical record. Survey reports can be re-used within a five year period as part of a sellers pack meaning they retain their value. Commercial / Industrial  properties should also be considered for all of the above mentioned reasons

AN NADC C-D-S (Certified Drainage Surveyor) will provide you with easy to read and understand reports which will include:

1. Structural Condition Reporting/analysis

2. Mis-connections identification and reporting

3. Drainage system ownership – Private / Water Company

4. Mapping – drawing to show drainage system locations and components

5. Mortgage lenders may/will request a drain survey, Insurance company may/will request a drain survey. These reports will satisfy all parties including solicitors for CON29DW’s (Water Searches)

6. Home buyers may not be aware that a survey could provide all of the above information which is extremely important.

7. Water company could be for-warned about defects on there asset, saving time and money on repairs and preventing the buyer from inheriting problems

8. Most RICS building surveyors do not carry the equipment to carry out an in-depth survey to a critical part of the structure, everything else can be properly inspected apart from the drainage system.

9. Buyers are often left in the dark about the condition of drains which are often out of sight, out of mind and can often be in a very poor condition.

10. Insurance companies are often covering defective drainage as they are unaware of the true condition, a growing number now request a drain survey before offering cover.

11. Detection of Vermin / Rat Infestation within the drainage system

. Detection of Vermin / Rat Infestation within the drainage system

Question:  Who stands to benefit from a drainage survey ?

Answer:    Everybody Concerned !

Question:  When should these surveys take place ?

Answer:    Prior to exchange of contract or asap to prevent slow down of
                the sale if defects are found

Question:  How can I be sure they are fully certified ?

Answer:    Always ask to see certification certificate and ID cards issued by the
                NADC to every certified drainage surveyor.
                Non certified companies will not have access to these and will not
                carry the certified contractor logo on their listing.

Question:  Who is responsible for ensuring this information is collated ?

Answer:    The building surveyor should ensure that their clients have a survey
                carried out but it is ultimately up to the buyer,
                never buy a property without a full drain survey.



National Association of Drainage Contractors